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It’s not that often that I get to have very much fun with my nails.  Because I am in the jewelry business, I have to always have my nails manicured and looking nice.  But because I am in the color gemstone jewelry business, my nails always have to be a clean, neutral color so they don’t clash with any jewelry I am trying on to show the customer.

However, this week I don’t have any jewelry shows, and I can finally have some fun with my nails.  I was in Japan over the summer, and I bought a gazillion nail stickers.  I think they are so much fun, and make it really easy to jazz up your nails.  I stopped going to nail salons since Sephora came out with home gel nail kits, but I missed having the little hand painted decals.


Nail stickers to the rescue!  They are uber cute, and super easy to apply.

I just love this color too.  It’s not gel nail polish, but a Revlon Colorstay – I find these polishes to be very long lasting and very smooth and easy to apply.  Here I am wearing my new favorite color, Rich Rasberry.

I usually just stick them on before I put on the final top coat.  I like to do it while the nail color is still a little bit tacky, I feel like that will help them to stick better also.  I love having the bows down by the cuticle instead of by the tip like I normally do.  It is a little bit like having a reverse french manicure and I think it looks SO CUTE. ❤

Nail art is one of the hottest trends right now, and using nail stickers is one of the easiest ways to get this look at home.  I love the look of nail art, especially all those cute tutorials I always see on Pinterest.  But I just don’t have the patience (or a steady enough hand) to pain my own designs.  Nail stickers to the rescue!

Check out these celebs rocking their own nail decals:

Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway nail art Anne hathaway

Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang TheoryKaley Cuoco nail art

Well, I am off for the night.  Someone is taking me for a ride on a motorcycle- yippee!


I like to dress occasion appropriate.  This is what I wear when I go riding LOL.  I really love the combination of leather with the pearl pink chiffon lace top.  The purse and jacket are from Honk Kong, boots by Tory Burch, Diesel Jeans.   Have a fun Friday night everyone!